The dog, today described with the name Ibizan Hound is one of the oldest dog breeds in the world, whose existence has been documented as a breed already 3400 BC. Mainly known for its stone reliefs and statues from ancient Egypt, they were first known in Europe as the Hounds of the Pharaohs. While they were more and more mixed with other races around the Mediterranean, they were able to stay at the Balearic Islands as a relatively pure breed, which is why they received the Spanish name Ibizan Hound in cataloging by FCI.

Is a quiet, pleasant dog who enjoys being everywhere with you without being intrusive. Thus, this calm, stable nature remains the case, he must sometimes give all he can to really and fully required. Since we can not go with our dogs for hunting in Lithuania, we offer to compensate to the Lure Coursing. In this case, an artificial hare is pulled over rollers on larger distances, that calls with the obstacle course all hunting skills and cooperation of the dogs. We are proud to say that our dogs have won first prize in the National competition of all races last year.